SEO Tips From Sam Miller

SEO Tips From Sam Miller

Increase your SEO with Tag Based Listings

by Sam Miller


Our Knox County Ohio real estate website went from roughly 4,000 monthly page views to over 40,000 by utilizing Tagged Listing Page. Prior to making this change our was lucky if visitors viewed more than one home and with the changes we are consistently exceeding more than 6 real estate listings page views per visitor with many viewing more than 10 homes during their visit to our website.

The idea behind using Tagged Listing Page is as simply as entering your listing details in your MLS system.

Think of a listing tag as a property feature and the lightbulb will instantly go off!!! Examples of a tag could be the city your home listing is located in. Another example of a tag would be the number of bedrooms, number of baths, acreage, school district, waterfront, 3 car garages, lake view, new listings, multi family, vacation home, vacant land and the list can go on and on.

The beautiful thing about using listing tags is that every listing you have can have multiple tags. This means that your listing will show up under multiple tags.

If I have a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home that is located in Mount Vernon Ohio and is a Twin Oak School district the home will be listed under at least 4 different tags which means the home will automatically be featured on at least 4 different places on our site.

This increases our ability of getting our listing exposed by 4X. Many of our listings can show up on 5 or 6 different tags and this is a huge advantage for homeowners and sellers who are listing their home with the Sam Miller Team of REMAX Stars Realty.

Feel free to visit and pay special attention to the "Buying" button in the toolbar because it features some amazing examples of how we are able to utilize "Tagged Listing Page".

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