Newsletter Information

Newsletter Information

Is the newsletter automatically emailed to my database?
The newsletter is not automatically sent out from your system, though it is automatically updated on the first business day of every month. You will need to send the newsletter out manually whenever you're ready.

How do I know if the newsletter has been updated?
The best way to check for new content is by the graph in the first or second article. It will always look like it is a month behind. Last month's numbers won't be released until mid-month this month (after the newsletter has been updated), so if the most recent graph data is from two months ago it is current. The newsletter will always have a similary layout, but is updated with the new information from NAR every month

Can I display both Real Pro's articles and my own?
Unfortunately, there is not an easy way to do this. You would need to copy the Real Pro articles and paste them into one or more of your article areas under Edit Newsletter.

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