Marketing Your Silver Site

Marketing Your Silver Site

Now comes the part that most of you don’t like to do but is a required component for success with your Real Pro Silver agent system; marketing your system.  Hanging your shingle in cyberspace is the first step, now we must get people to find you; here is how.

Your Main Site
Place Your Main Site URL

  1. Your business cards
  2. Your listing flyers
  3. Newspaper Ads
    TOMA:  Top of Mind Awareness Ads:
       Place classified ads for your site.
       Target your ads outside of the “Real Estate Section” for better response.
       Run the ads consistently
       Don’t give up after one or two months.
  4. Postcards
    - Mail postcards to your neighborhood farm areas every quarter.
    - Mention your site on your
    Just Listed and Just Sold postcards.
  5. Magazine Ads
    - Utilize your local real estate magazines to advertise your site.
      Place 1/4 , ½ or full page ads.
  6. Other Options
     - IVR system.
     - Google Ad Words
    Any marketing you do that is branded to you

Use the Tools You Have 

  • eNewsletter
    On a monthly basis Real Pro Systems supplies an email newsletter that caters to the national real estate trends.  If you have the time and resources you can create your own newsletter instead that focuses on your local area.  Add one of your featured listing and SEND it OUT!!!  Using your blast email tool it takes all of about three clicks. 
  • Custom Drip Campaigns
    Create custom drip campaigns to your past clients and/or sphere of influence so you can automatically keep in touch.
  • Create Additional Web Pages
    You can create your own custom pages using the Resource feature in your control panel (My Website, Resources on the left).  Create pages on neighborhoods, your lender, new construction companies, things to do in your area, local restaurants, local utility services, etc.   You can even create more tips and reports that will assist your clients and may attract more prospects to your site.
  • E-Mail Blaster
    Send announcements, open house invitations, price changes and more using your E-Mail Blaster feature.

Contact Information

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