How to Embed a Video

How to Embed a Video

Video is a great addition to your site. Not only does it offer great SEO value, it also helps to reach out to your potential leads with further personalization. Once you have a video you want to add to your site, follow the steps below to get it added to your site. You can use these steps to insert the video into your Home Page, Custom Pages, Tag-Based Lisitng Pages, even in your blogs.

Below is how to Embed Video into your Site

Log into your admin panel:

Pull up the YouTube video that you want to embed into your site, click on Share, Embed, uncheck 'Show suggested videos when the video finishes' then copy the code in the box. Steps shown in image below:

Now that you have the code copied you will need to log into your RPS admin panel and open the editor for the page you want to add the video into (whether that is the home page, a custom page, a tag-based listing page, or a blog post).  On the edit screen, click on the embed video icon shown below:

A window will open, where you will paste the code you copied from the YouTube page. Once pasted, click ok:

Now you will see the iframe box where the video will appear, in this example I added text below the video, you can add text, photos or even another video.

Once you are happy with the content, save your work and view it on your site. Refresh your web page to view the new video. It should look similar to the example below:

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