Optimizing Your Real Pro Site

Optimizing Your Real Pro Site


Optimizing SEO on your Real Pro Systems website can be done in several ways.  Adding content that is relevant to your market area is a key factor.  A balance needs to be struck between content that contains relevant keywords, yet is readable.  Make sure that you talk about the areas you serve and the services you provide as much as possible, while still writing content that is readable.

The search engines pick up anything in text, so the more pages you have containing relevant text the better off you are. You also want the text to be fresh, meaning not a duplicate or copy of something they can find on another site. Make sure it’s original.

Here are a few areas that you can work on to assist you with the search engines.

1) Change your Welcome Statement: Your home page is a great place to start this process.  While Real Pro Systems provides content to get you started, you will want to adjust it or even rewrite it to be tailored to your specific market and area of expertise. Keep in mind though that search engines will search your entire site, not just the first page, so there is no need to cram everything here. Make it relevant and to the point. Make sure you include terms like your market areas, links to any other websites you have, statements about what you handle, neighborhoods, communities, etc. (admin: Website, Pages, Homepage)

2) Make sure your main site URL is registered for more than two years.

3) Create Custom pages and/or Suggested Reading pages: 

Community pages are an excellent way to write useful information about the areas you serve, while allowing you to make liberal use of relevant keywords. Create pages on your local neighborhoods or communities. For an example, see Ferry-Street-Bridge- Real-Estate. You can even add links and dropdowns in your Welcome Statement to these custom pages.  Each Custom Page has its own SEO settings.

You can even create pages about local attractions, shopping, food, events, and so forth.  A great example of this in action is at www.roblevy.com.


If you don’t have the time or energy to create these community pages, we currently have a service that can do it for you. Below is information.

Custom community pages are:

  1. Approximately 400-600 words in length
  2. Researched and written based on available and provided resources
  3. Optimized for a specific search term
  4. Implemented into the website menu structure
  5. Formatted to include customized links, including IDX/Broker links, if applicable
  6. Formatted to include a main image, or embedded video if provided Services are offered as a package, or ala carte, depending on agent need.

Package Pricing:

The community package starts at $399, and includes three optimized community pages, plus a featured landing page linking to the individual articles. Additional community pages are available for only $119 each. A community package can be upgraded with a Google map summary page for an additional $199.

Ala Carte Pricing:

  • Custom Community Page - $150
  • Google Map Page (up to 10 areas) - $300

Sample community pages include:

4) Add Video: Add video such as from YouTube or Vimeo to your Home Page, Tag-Based Property Pages, Community Pages, Blog, and any custom pages you created.

5) Blogging: Blogging is an excellent way to regularly add content.  Search engines like Google love to see that you are actively updating your site.  Create Blog posts at least once a week if possible.  You can blog about a new listing, a local event, real estate topics – anything that can contain keywords.  (Gold & Platinum Only)

6) Check your SEO Settings: Make sure the Global Website SEO Values are correct. The company should be your name or your teams name unless you own the company. The city field should only list your primary or most important city. Do not add numerous cities into this field. If you must add more than one, do not separate them by commas. Make sure the state is correct and spelled out. The Webpage SEO Values are already set up for you but if you have a lot of knowledge about SEO you can modify each page.

7) Add Inbound Links: Have people (businesses and/or friends) place a link to your website onto theirs.

8) Add Outbound Links: Add website links to the links page (admin: Website, Pages, Links) of your website. Examples of links to add would be links to your local city websites, chamber of commerce, the local newspaper, etc.

9) Populate your biography. (admin:Website, Agent Biographies)

10) Populate your About Us area with maybe your mission statement, a summary of your team or services, etc. (admin: Website, About Us)

11) Add Captions and Alt Tags to your listing photos.

12) Re-word or customize the Tips and Reports pages on your site to make them more unique. (admin: Website, Pages, Tip or Reports)

13) Check out your competition. You can use “Edit-Find” (CTRL + F in most browsers) to look for “keywords” they are using to get their rankings. You can also go to www.Spyfu.com (paid with free trial) or www.SEMrush.com (currently in beta) to see keywords people are typing in to locate their site.

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