Creating a Hyperlink

Creating a Hyperlink

You can add links to your Custom Pages, Blogs, Welcome Statement, Property Descriptions, Tag-based Listing Pages, biographies, and Email Blasts by following the instructions below:

First you will want to get the page URL that you are linking to, in this example I am using, copy this to your clipboard:

Log into your admin panel:

To add a text link:

Open the content that you want to add the link to, I have created a custom page and added simple content.

I am going to link the to, first you will highlight the text that you want to be the link, then click on the Link button in the tool bar (looks like a globe with chain link below it)

Paste in the URL, I put in which is an external link, whenever you add a link that is leaving your site you want it to open in a new window so that visitors will never leave your site, if they go to google and close the window, your site will still be there. To make it open in a new window, click on Target:

Click on the drop down menu, select 'New Windwo (_blank), then click Ok, save what you are working on and now you have a link.

To Create an Image Link

This is done the same way, click on the image itself, then click on the Link icon in the toolbar:

Paste in your URL, click OK, save your work and now you have an image linking to whatever it is that you wanted to link to:

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