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Product Overview

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Stealth sites and how they work
Stealth Internet marketing has proven to be a very effective type of overall marketing for hundreds of top Real Estate professionals across the country.

Stealth sites are each individual web sites.  They are specifically designed to not be identified with you or look like a typical agent site. These sites do not have photos of you or your team and do not immediately suggest association with a specific Realtor. They are designed to be stealthy in nature and fly under the consumer’s radar by posing as strictly informational sites. For this reason, your stealth sites are non-threatening and get consumers to take action.

Once the consumer has taken action, they trigger what we call “permission marketing.”   The lead is entered into your system which automatically sends them a series of automated e-mail messages branded to you, the Real Estate professional.  This helps you build the relationship between agent and lead.

Email Listing Alert Stealth
This stealth site is aimed toward buyers who want to be kept up-to-date with the latest listings, but don't want to have to check the market every day.  This is a valuable service that will keep you in touch with your leads both through your Listing Alert drip campaign, and through listings sent to your leads from IDX Broker (IDX Broker service required).  

The basic way the Email Listing Alert site works is that a lead will fill out the form and submit the information.  After registration, the lead enters your database and is placed on your drip email campaign.  If you subscribe to IDX Broker, the lead and their search criteria will also enter their database.  The lead will then start receiving auto-generated emails of homes meeting their criteria on your or your team’s branded stationery.

If you do not subscribe to IDX Broker, you will need to manually place the lead and their search criteria into your MLS if they offer listing updates.  If they do not, then it’s up to you to keep track of new homes that match their search criteria.

 - Silver EHS

Platinum IDX Integrated Email Home Search Site

The Platinum Email Home Search site allows the potential client to enter criteria specific to the home they are looking to buy. The site allows the potential lead to enter the criteria first and then, based on your preferred settings, it allows the client to see anywhere between 0 and 5 properties before requesting registration (we recommend 0 as our testing has shown that to be the number most likely to generate a lead).

Once the lead has registered, she or he stays on the minimally branded page that is then populated with their search results both in map and list form. Your contact information is available on the screen at all times in a subtle contact box to the right of the search results.

After registration, the lead enters your database and is placed on your drip email campaign.  They will also start receiving auto-generated emails of homes meeting their criteria on your or your team’s branded stationery.

Home Value (CMA) Stealth
The basic purpose of this stealth site is for a lead to obtain an analysis of their home’s approximate value.  This is not meant to be a full appraisal, but an approximate analysis that is meant to start a conversation about selling their home.  There are two types of Home Value stealth sites offered by Real Pro Systems: Standard and Smart Zip.

 - Silver CMA

SmartZip CMA Lead Capture

Our SmartZip lead capture sites offer instant, sophisticated Comparative Market Analysis to potential home sellers. The potential client enters their address and SmartZip compares it to government data for similar homes in the client’s neighborhood with a map and pricing information of the compared homes as well as neighborhood ratings for home appreciation, schools, safety, lifestyle, population growth, and job growth. It allows the potential client to edit the compared properties to more accurately reflect the style and condition of their property – and at the same time lets them know that this is an automated estimate and provides the opportunity to contact YOU for a professional estimate as well as share the tool utilizing social media.

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